Package World War I

Package World War I

Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper survived two world wars and we could not let the 100-year anniversary of the First World War pass without tribute. For this extraordinary commemoration we have designed a special collection of three biscuit tins. In this unique gift you'll discover four replicas of postcards sent by Jules Destrooper Jr. during the war. For the biscuits, we have selected three classics from the Jules Destrooper biscuit collection: almond thins, butter waffles and Parisian waffles. The tins are filled with below products:

  • Almond thins 75g
  • Butter crisps 75g
  • Butter waffles 50g
VAT inclusive



In remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the First World War, Jules Destrooper has launched a collection of three tins. Each tin is decorated with images of soldiers and contains 4 replicas of postal cards issued by Jules Destrooper Jr. during the war years. For its contents, 3 Jules Destrooper classic biscuits were chosen: Almond Thins, Natural Butter Waffles and Parisian Waffles.

Did you know that during the First World War, Jules Destrooper Jr. stayed behind in Lo, while his family fled to France? Jules Jr. served in the army, but fell ill quickly. During these dark days it was impossible to continue his father's bakery, as resources were scarce. Instead he began publishing postcards, which enabled soldiers at the front to write to their families and loved ones.