Package Butter waffles

Package Butter waffles

A crispy waffle with pure butter and vanilla flavour. These delicious vanilla waffles were created by Jules Destrooper, but were only added to the Jules Destrooper biscuit collection much later.

4 boxes of Parisian waffles, 100g each

VAT inclusive
4 x Parijse wafels 100g   +€0.00

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A hard vanilla waffle with pure butter and excellent fragrances after an original recipe by Jules Destrooper which was only commercialised by the third generation. The actual connection with Paris, if any, is unclear. In the past much research was done into what made a waffle Dutch, Frisian, Flemish or French, or what associated it with Maastricht, Namur, Brussels, Liège or Paris. Is it the preparation method, the shape, the garnishing? The issue remains unsolved. Fact is that the origins of waffles can be traced back to Belgium, as well as the Netherlands and Germany. In all three countries both waffle irons and waffle recipes are frequent.

Did you know that it's still not clear what makes a waffle Dutch, Frisian, Flemish, French, or from Maastricht, Namur, Brussels, Liège or Paris? Could it be the form, method of preparation or garnish? We really don't know. The origin of these hard waffles could be placed in Belgium, Holland or Germany, due to the fact that many waffle irons and recipes have been found in these countries.