Package Butter crisps

Package Butter crisps

The second biscuit that was added to the Jules Destrooper biscuit collection was the butter waffle. Baked according to a secret 19th-century recipe using pure butter, this well-known butter waffle was granted the official trademark 'Regional Product of Westhoek' by the VLAM (Flemish Centre for Agriculture and Fishery Marketing).

4 boxes of butter crisps, 100g each

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This golden, crispy and well-known butter waffle is today still being baked according to a 19th century secret family recipe. In 2006, the VLAM granted the natural butter waffle of Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper the official quality label ‘Regional Westhoek product’. In the Westhoek this waffle is called a ‘lukke’. The origin of this name lies in the fact that this waffle was a New Year’s present. It used to be common for children to wish their godfather or godmother a happy (in Dutch 'gelukkig') New Year. In exchange for this New Year’s greeting they would receive these thin hard waffles, sometimes combined with a shot. Every woman had her own recipe and baking the waffles was part of a ritual which started on Boxing Day and continued up to New Year’s Eve. Baking these ‘lukken’ was a typical home industry. Every house had its own recipe and a special waffle iron made by the local blacksmith.

Did you know that the butter waffles in these boxes, also known as 'Lukken' in West Flanders, originate from a regional tradition? For more than one hundred years it has been a New Year's tradition to bake these delicious waffles. The waffles were made to bestow luck on the recipient for the New Year, hence the nickname 'Lukken'. Jules Destrooper thought that these wishes should not be restricted to New Year and West Flanders only, so he made sure everyone could enjoy these lucky waffles all year long. Today, Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper is proud to continue this tradition. That is why 'Lukken' are still produced according to the same authentic recipe. Enjoy our traditional butter waffles. We hope to give you, your family and friends much joy and many happy moments!