Package Ginger thins

Package Ginger thins

Pieces of ginger and a touch of cinnamon lend an energetic flavour to this crispy biscuit. During the production process, the dough needs to rest in a cool place overnight. The next day it is cut into very thin slices and baked.

4 boxes of ginger thins, 95g each

VAT inclusive
4 x Gemberkoekjes 100g   +€0.00

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A crisp cookie with a lively flavour of ginger and a touch of cinnamon. Ginger is well known for its healing properties. It is said that eating a piece of ginger is helpful against travel sickness and a sore throat, and has a positive influence on the circulation.

Did you know that rumour has it ginger possesses healing powers? Ginger is said to cure carsickness and sore throats, and it helps to support blood circulation.