Food pairing

What is food pairing?

FoodPairing tree amandelkoekjeYou want to prepare a good meal, but your fridge is basically empty. Everyone’s had one of those days. Most people will experiment with whatever they have left in there. The combinations that come out may seem a little strange at first sight, but they can taste surprisingly good. Or if you just like to cook creatively, you will have probably tried out new combinations for great dishes already. In both cases the food pairing concept can help you try new, yet informed, combinations in the future.

Perhaps you’re reminded of master chefs who try all sorts of things first and then taste to create a mouth-watering yet original dish. In this process, their expertise and intuition obviously play an important role. However, they can also refer to the scientific concept of food pairing. This avoids guesswork and, moreover, stimulates the chef's creativity towards a top class dish.

The West Flemish company Foodpairing developed this scientific concept. In this concept fragrances and aroma profiles are used to see which ingredients would match perfectly. After measuring and matching the aromas, a food pairing tree is formed. This is a diagram that shows several different types of ingredients. The closer a secondary ingredient is to the primary ingredient, the better the tested ingredients will pair with each other. This means that food pairing opens up new and unique flavour combinations based on scientific research.

Many chefs, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, companies, foodies and amateurs are already fans and use this pairing plan. Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone, for instance, is known for his food pairing-based kitchen innovations, while British chef Heston Blumenthal is famed for his kitchen experiments.

Food pairing with Jules Destrooper biscuits

In the meantime, the company Foodpairing has created a huge database with new flavour combinations based on their scientific concept. Jules Destrooper wants their biscuits to be included in this collection and we have been working with Foodpairing for a long time to incorporate our biscuits into their plan. The following food pairing tree shows, for example, which ingredients form a perfect match with Jules Destrooper almond thins.  

What does Jules Destrooper do with food pairing?

We love the food pairing concept and would like to share tender bites of happiness at every moment. The biscuits from the Jules Destrooper collection can create a delicious coffee moment, but are also perfectly suited for refined, innovative and heavenly recipes. We believe that anyone can do food pairing. This is your chance to experiment and discover new and unique flavour combinations for our biscuits. 

Not sure where to start? No problem, Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper can boost your kitchen creativity and offers several ways to help you get started with food pairing. We organise cooking workshops you can actively participate in. During these workshops, you'll discover original recipes and create a full menu with Jules Destrooper biscuits as the core ingredient. We can also help you along with our theme packages and recipes that use our biscuits. There’s a recipe for everyone! From easy dishes to complex gourmet cooking, we have the perfect challenge for you.

Take a look at our recipes! You'll discover great tips and learn how to present these delicious and surprising dishes in an attractive and tasty way.      

Experiment with our biscuits!

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