Package Caramelized butter biscuits

Package Caramelized butter biscuits

Biscuits made from caramelised butter with cinnamon.

After Jules Destrooper was able to take over the Van Loo Company from Brussels, the production of speculoos biscuits was started in 1970. The speculoos biscuits, or Petits Sujets, already had a long history within the Van Loo Company and were sold under that name until 1985. In 2006 these delicious caramelised butter thins were finally added to the Jules Destrooper biscuit collection and produced under that name.

4 boxes of cinnamon butter thins, 200g each

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A tasteful caramelised butter biscuit that brings a centuriy-old authentic recipe to life. The production of speculoos was started in 1970, after the takeover of Van Loo in Brussels by Jules Destrooper. Van Loo had a long tradition in baking speculoos or Petits Sujets. Between 1970 and 1985, these biscuits were sold under the name Van Loo. In 2006, the production was renewed under the name Jules Destrooper. It is said that speculoos originated in the 17th century. Its origin is linked to the import of larger quantities of spices due to the foundation of the East India Company. The spice trade dates back to Roman times. The Roman trade routes were later used by the Arabs. In the Middle Ages, spices were real luxury products and therefore very expensive. They were considered sacred and their fragrance was associated with paradise.

Did you know that the story of speculoos goes all the way back to the 17th century? After the establishment of the Dutch East India Company, large quantities of cinnamon found their way to Western Europe.