The ideal biscuit for your coffee

A coffee moment with Jules Destrooper

Today coffee is very popular and has become a real art form. Bars and restaurants are therefore making a sensible decision if they hire a barista to create the best and most beautiful cappuccinos, espressos and other coffee specialities.

But nothing will add a mouth-watering touch to your coffee moment like our delicious biscuits. With our wide selection of biscuits, we aim for complete coffee moment satisfaction.

You can also complete your coffee table with our coffee accessories, such as coffee cups and trays. Additionally, we sell Jules Destrooper kitchen towels, aprons, magnets and the Jules Destrooper book.

Which biscuit to choose?

 Nose around our Jules Destrooper biscuit collection to find your favourite biscuit. Would you like a biscuit with fine Belgian patisserie chocolate, or authentic biscuits that still follow Jules Destrooper's original recipes? Biscuits with crispy rice or cinnamon? With pieces of almond, apple or ginger?

Thanks to the wide variety in the Jules Destrooper biscuit collection, having to choose between these options is no longer necessary. Order one of our beautiful gift boxes to fully indulge in our large biscuit collection.

Het koekje voor bij de koffie Het koekje voor bij de koffie