Package Almond florentines

Package Almond florentines

The sight of these caramelised biscuits with sliced almonds and dipped in Belgian patisserie chocolate will be enough to make your mouth water. This is our version of the Florentine biscuit and our Jules Destrooper biscuit collection would not be complete without it. For the Swiss Florentine variety, bigarreaux (hard candied cherries) are added.

4 boxes of almond florentines, 100g each

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This delicacy is a crispy caramel biscuit with almonds, dipped in Belgian chocolate. In the professional pastry literature, two types of Florentines are described: the German and Swiss varieties. The German variety is made with chopped and sliced almonds and finished with chocolate, just like our version. The Swiss variety contains the same ingredients to which bigarreaux (hard candied cherries) are added. This biscuit is known all over Europe in various forms. The name ‘Florentine’ probably refers to the Italian city Florence. The biscuit was supposedly created at the French court in honour of a visit from the Medici family from Florence. But as with many stories of origin for pastry, this story is also difficult to verify.

Did you know that according to legend, this biscuit was created at the French court in honour of a visit by the Medici family from Florence?