Welcome to Jules Destrooper

What Jules Destrooper stands for

A little bite of happiness. This is the motto that we at Jules Destrooper use to create moments of happiness, such as a family meeting where grandma treats her granddaughter to a biscuit, or simply some tasty me-time for yourself.

At Jules Destrooper we work to give you happiness that lasts day after day. Therefore, it is of vital importance that we keep our artisanal traditions and our original Jules Destrooper recipes a secret. We still stand behind Jules' motto: "Quality first!" Behind the delicious biscuits is a creative team of employees with a strong passion for their craft.

Each and every biscuit is a pure product because we do not use artificial ingredients. Jules Destrooper's Biscuiterie not only creates delicious biscuits, but also focuses on sustainability.

Thanks to our professional expertise, we can keep growing and we are determined to keep impressing connoisseurs all around the world.

Why choose Jules Destrooper biscuits?

The delicious biscuits from Jules Destrooper are a must for any coffee table. They are biscuits designed to make you stop for a moment to fully enjoy their traditional taste.

Our biscuits, however, are not only perfect as a coffee companion or as a snack. You can now also use them in creative recipes. We have already selected a number of small dishes, but you can also start from scratch using the food pairing concept. This way, you can enjoy Jules Destrooper's wide range of products at any time of the day.

Another reason to choose Jules Destrooper biscuits is the fact that we use fairly-sourced ingredients and always strive to offer our customers the highest quality.